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2006-06-13, 03:00
I noticed a bit of updating to the default theme going on (and I liked it) so I decided to do my own version of the logo (REMIX!) based on those changes, it was particularly inspired by the red-orange in the binoculars. Here it is (http://www.darkfirestudios.com/images/spybot.htm):
I think it's nice and was wondering what the community thinks. I will share the rights with Patrick if he wants to add it to the default theme. Otherwise at some point I'll make a skin with it.

2006-06-13, 10:14
:bigthumb: that is a pretty well made logo and I must say I do like it. Very well done . :)

2006-06-18, 18:46
i like it. would be nice to see a skin with it... it would have to be a nice xp style one... and i would love to see a see through backing, so you can see the desktop (have the white bit almost completly see through and the gray show the background but darker)..

would be great.

2007-03-15, 21:18
Wow, I realize that this thread is old, but a few weeks ago I got inspired to design a new logo as well. I wanted to share it with others that might care, so I figured I would post it here. I tried to keep the overall look and feel pretty close to the original.

I really like your logo though. I am about to go check out darkfirestudios as well.


I hope to hear some feedback, thanks.


2007-03-17, 00:11
That's nice. :bigthumb: