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2006-06-13, 14:16
Hi Tashi,

I would like spybot to detect and remove the "softforyou free keylogger v1.1"
Any help or advice would be great.


Sorry in advance if this post is not in the correct location:) ....

2006-06-13, 18:10
Hello. :)

SoftForYou Free Keylogger is a personal keylogger that allows you to log applications used and text that was typed on the computer. It runs comletely hidden and logging starts automatically whenever your computer boots. The log viewer provides an easy-to-read overview, that can also be filtered by user or application. The SoftForYou Free Keylogger interface can only be accessed by a `magic word`, which you need to configure and remember - whenever you type that word, the interface will show and reveal access to the log viewer.

This is a free commercial product, not a stealth install as far as I know.

SoftForYou is a privately held software company specializing in child safety software products for both the home and enterprise markets. Launched in 2000, iProtectYou was specifically developed to help parents protect children online and to give a powerful tool to monitor and guard children from the many online dangers that exist where they have Internet access.


Are you saying someone installed the program on your personal computer without your knowledge and you would like to remove it?


2006-06-13, 23:50

Acutally I installed it myself on my comp so it should not be a security risk.

I followed the instructions and changed my "magic word" but for what ever reason my new keystrokes do not activate the keylogger control panel. I have done some goggle research and have seen similar problems and no solutions.
It would be good to remove or at least manage it because it is capturing my keystrokes in a log file.
I was just hoping you folks could detect and remove it for me because there is no other way to access, remove or do anything to this program. Spybot and Norton AV are the two programs I use, both are updated.

Maybe you could just give me some advice on a manual uninstall or some regedit info or something....

Thanks for the quick reply! :)

2006-06-14, 00:28
Hi there.

So basicially it cannot be removed via Add/Remove because you need the magic word. :spider:

Please post a HJT log in the malware removal forum so one of the helpers can take a look at the system.

Instructions to get a log are here:

BEFORE you post and who will advise you. Preliminary Steps (http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=288)


2006-06-22, 22:36
i have intaled free keylogger and kept the magic word [frklg] but i canīt access control panel, I donīt know, how can anyone help me? :confused:

2006-06-23, 03:56
Hello floare76

Same suggestion as for Jumboto who did start a topic in the malware forum but has not followed up yet:

Please follow the instructions to get the HJT log.
BEFORE you post and who will advise you. Preliminary Steps (http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=288)

Start your own topic here:
Malware Forum (http://forums.spybot.info/forumdisplay.php?f=22[/url)

A helper will then take a look at the system as soon as available.


2006-06-23, 12:33
SoftForYou Free Keylogger will be detected by Spybot with one of the next updates because it runs in a hidden mode and other computer users get not informed about the keylogger. So other users can be spied out easily.

Hope i could help you,

2008-09-01, 12:22
i would like to know exactly how to open the log file using this softforyou program..like i open notepad and type the magic word into the notepad but it does nothing? is there somewhere i'm supposted to type in the magic word into? i'm confused, i havn't researched on this softforyou program before installing it..help please!

i just tried downloading spybot but when i tried to open the program i had an error..

ShellExecuteEx failed; code 170
The requested resource is in use.

i have no clue what that means?