View Full Version : found spyware in recovery system folder

2006-06-14, 06:26
i have two files that are in my inaccessable area of my hidden d:\ drive partition

one is in D:\I386\Apps\src\Compaq_Presario.Spring06.exe

the other is same only in the HPPavillion folder in the same I386 root

can anyone tell me what i can get in there and clean these out with of somehow detect and clean without doing a destructive recovery like hp is trying to tell me to do?And what are these files?

2006-06-14, 06:45

What leads you to suspect those files ?

Do you have a antivirus program and done a full scan ?
Have you used a Online scan lately ?

2006-06-17, 00:55
nod 32 finds it in there but doesn't give me the option to clean or delete just copie it to quarantine and thats it

2006-06-17, 03:08
Its apparently a false positive, i suggest you send Nod32 a sample/copy

Are there other problems beside that ?

2006-06-18, 06:35
i sent it to nod 32 and after an update it no longer triggers on those files. thanks for the help

2006-06-18, 07:22
Thanks for doing that

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