View Full Version : Rootaylzer Compatibility? (Win7, x64)

2009-10-06, 23:47
Hi everyone. Sorry for the quick and stupid question, but I'm just curious about Rootalyzer's compatibility. Will it run on Windows 7, particularly on an x64 based machine?

I'm having a heck of a time finding a Windows 7 rootkit scanner for x64 systems that I trust! Rootkit Revealer, GMER, and F-Secure Blacklight all seem to be incompatible with either windows 7 or x64 systems. Rootalyzer was a great product when I tried it back on x86 Windows XP, so I'm wondering if I can use it without fear of conflict or problem on Windows 7 x64. Thanks!

2009-10-16, 17:33
We're regularly testing it on 64 bit (in fact, it's currently being developed on 64 bit machines), so that's no problem.

I'm back to testing on Windows 7 later today and will post any issues I'll notice. So far Win7 feedback has been positive though (Spybot 2 will include RootAlyzer, and we've some testers running Win7).