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2009-10-10, 18:57
While looking at my Windows Processes screen I found that Tea Timer is taking up almost 105K memory. Is this normal? The system is only taking up 78K and nothing else I'm running takes up anywhere near this amount of memory.

Can anyone give me any info here?

C :confused:

2009-10-10, 19:19
I would reinstall the program. Seems like teatimer is bugged, or you are maybe infected with malwares or trojans. Someone will answer you better than me, so just wait ;)

2009-10-10, 19:26
Hello cindy5663,

Please see this thread: http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=46882&page=2 (http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=46882)

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2009-10-11, 22:20
Hello cindy5663,

Please see this thread: http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=46882&page=2 (http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=46882)

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Hi tashi

I did see the link u gave for the question of cindy but in that its said 70 or even 80 mb usage of memory is normal ... but I have a problm similar to that of cindy wherein the teatimer is drastically slowing down my net usage and taking upto 105k memory ... my system is windows xp sp3 and i did not had any other virus /spyware related program in my system ... I m using IE 7.. i do not have much prgrams installed coz i reloaded everythng afresh only 2 days back...I use the system almost for 15-18 hrs a day ....my system is 1.83 gb... Whn i go check in the task manager under the performance tab the available memory is showing only 70k ...out of almost 2000k!!!! and then i see under the process tab teatimer is taking upto 105k .. can u pls help me out....also i have installed Avira Antivir Personal jus now... while posting this message ... want to know whthr it will conflict with spybot in any way... thank u ...ddevil

2009-10-12, 13:24

When the computer is running for a long time without a standby, reboot, or shutdown memory consumption of a (refers to any) can slightly increase.

It's taking that much because TeaTimer is a Resident Shield that actively protects you from malware. I would suggest you reboot and see how it goes. Usually TeaTimer will take up 35-50MB of RAM. Seeing that modern PCs built today have more RAM and resources, 80MB should be nothing.

If this does not help you can disable TeaTimer as follows:
- Go into Spybot - Mode - Advanced Mode - Tools - Resident.
- Uncheck the following: Resident "TeaTimer" (Protection of over-all system settings) Active.

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Team Spybot