View Full Version : Avast keeps stopping spybot download

2009-12-03, 03:23
I have attempted 3 times to download the newest version of spybot and avast keeps saying it has detected a trojan and stops the download at 95%.
Can anyone help?



2009-12-03, 03:41
I have Spybot on my computer as well as avast! Turn off avast! ASAP. ASAP! A recent update gave it tons of false positives. Things such as Spybot, explorer.exe, and the basic stuff that we need are getting blocked. They'll fix it soon, but for now, turn off avast! and continue with the installation.

2009-12-03, 10:47
No need. Just make sure you right-click on your avast antivirus icon on your taskbar, highlight "Updating". Update the iAVS first to version 091203-1, then update the Program. Restart your computer upon completion.

If you've quarantined any files because of the malicious update (091203-0), after updating and rebooting, start Avast and open the quarantine chest. Scan the files that are quarantined to make certain the update was successful (You should get a message out to the right of the file, stating "--No Virus--". Right-click the file and choose restore. Restore any files relating to spybot and then run spybot to make certain.