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2005-10-24, 16:50
I remember people getting this all the time, but I dont know, if it was fixed in version 1.4?

2005-10-24, 17:26

DSO-Exploit is a security gap in Internet Explorer, Outlook and Outlook Express. Microsoft did already close this gap with security updates, so with current Windows updates and patches installed, it will no longer be a threat to your system. Spybot-S&D will still detect the DSO-Exploit, but instead of fixing it for good, it will unfortunately again set an invalid value. Therefore it will again be found with every scan. This little bug in Spybot-S&D has already been repaired. Please download our new version Spybot Search and Destroy 1.4. That should fix it.
You will find links to several download locations for this new version on our web site:
Please search for new updates after installing Spybot S&D 1.4.

Some users have reported that it still won't be fixed. That can happen if you run another security software (like Microsoft AntiSpyware) or if you do not have admin rights.

If this is not the problem please e-mail back to software@spybot.info. It is important to know if it is found once or more times and if you tried to fix it. If you tried to fix it please let us know if you get any message that it couldn't be fixed. So please attach a bug report to your e-mail.

Notice: You can also exclude the DSO Exploit from the search.

Best regards
Team Spybot

2005-10-24, 20:56
I already have v 1.4. Im glad its fixed.