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2005-11-23, 07:28
It seems that Spybot has taken over the ZIP file function of my computer. I've tried to download drivers for a flash drive, but Spybot opens up when I try to open the file. I completely removed Spybot via the add/remove programs, removed the program folder, and used the registry patch. Now the ZIP won't open and says it needs Spybot.exe to open. I even deleted the ZIP, tried downloading it to another location and it still says the same thing. Anyone have a good fix for this?:confused:

98 comp with 98se
Spybot 1.4

2005-11-23, 16:21
Here,see if this works:

Associate a File Extension with a File Type
1. In Windows Explorer or My Computer, locate the file for which you want to create a file association.
2. Right-click the file, and then click Open With. If Open With is not an option, hold down the SHIFT key while right-clicking the file.

Open With should now be an option.
3. In the Open With dialog box, select the program that you want to use to open the file.
4. Click to select the Always use this program to open these files check box to make this the default program to open files with the same file-name extension.
5. Click OK.
The file now opens in the intended program.


2005-11-23, 20:39
Thanks, it was definitely worth a try, but no luck. :( Explorer simply does nothing, and windows installer won't open it because it has JPG files in it. What amazes me is that even after all the cleaning, Spybot is still listed as a program to open the ZIP.

I'm not complaining about Spybot. I've used it for a long time now and like it a lot. But this ZIP problem has been around through both 1.3 (for a chat camera) and 1.4 (for this flash drive), and seems to be impossible for me to fix.

Any other ideas?:confused:

2005-11-24, 05:04
Do you have a program installed on your computer to unzip compressed (zipped) folders,such as winzip?

2005-11-24, 14:21
@ James have you got the site you downloaded the ZIP files for your flash drive from?
I'm sure I or another user could check them out to see if they are OK so to speak.

Also have you also tried with WinZip opening it from file?
Launch winzip File > Open archive and browse to the files you downloaded then open it.