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2006-06-29, 08:10
Please help me with this problem. I think I have a very bad worm. My virsu shield which was norton went crazy a very days ago and thinks that my subscription expired on 1899 12/30/1899. Then a program that zonealarms called project 1 tried to stop a windows commnd prompt from opening but it opens still. Now today I for a trojan of the highest level treat was found and here is what I found on it.


Trojan Downloader Matcash



Trojan Horse

Threat Assessment:



Trojan Downloader Matcash is a downloader that may download other threats on your computer.


Trojan Downloader Matcash is a type of Trojan horse that downloads other applications onto your computer. It can run in the background, hiding its presence.

Method of Infection:

Trojan Downloader Matcash is usually disguised as a harmless software program and is generally distributed as an e-mail attachment. Opening the attachment may cause an auto-installation process that loads the downloader onto your computer without your knowledge or consent.

I first tried to find it with spybot but it did not find it but spysweeper found it. Please I need to know what kind of worm,virus,blasted whatever I have and how to get rid of it.

2006-06-29, 17:18
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2006-06-29, 19:58
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