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2006-07-06, 01:25
OK right I am ignorant here but I have just started using Mozilla (not FireFox) as a browser as IE runs problematically on my connection (an uni halls LAN). I really like the protection that Teatimer gives me on IE is there a way I can get this to work on Mozilla??? Since I have been forced to use Mozilla I've had several incidents of malware and I've lost count of the number of tracking cookies and it generally makes my desktop run slower!!!

Any advice??? Thanks :)

2006-07-06, 10:27

The Resident TeaTimer is completely browser independent.
It is a Spybot-S&D tool perpetually monitoring the processes called/initiated. It immediately detects known malicious processes wanting to start and terminates them giving you some options, how to deal with this process in the future: You can set TeaTimer to:

- be informed, when the process tries to start again
- automatically kill the process
- or generally allow the process to run

There is also an option to delete the file associated with this process.

In addition, TeaTimer detects, when something wants to change some critical registry values. TeaTimer can protect you against such changes again giving you an option: You can either "Allow" or "Deny" the change.

As TeaTimer is always running in the background, it takes some resources of about 5 MB.

That the way to activate the TeaTimer:
- Go into Spybot > Mode > Advanced Mode > Tools > Resident.
- Check the following: Resident "TeaTimer" (Protection of over-all system settings) Active.