View Full Version : "Error retreiving update info file"

2010-06-04, 21:40
I have been trying to update Spybot for the last month but it constantly comes up with
"Error retreiving update info file"
Previously I have never had problems before and have used this program for may years in different computers that I have owned.
I am also unable to access the Spybot homepage.
Other rather strange things happening as well.
Am hoping that somwone is able to help me, I am figuring that there is a naughty bug/trogan or something affecting my connection.

2010-06-05, 00:33
Thanks for posting on the forum,Meeuw. :)
You might be able to download the manual detection updates from this direct download link:

If you aren't able to download the manual detection updates from that link,or if you are able to download it,but strange things continue happening after running Spybot,then I suggest getting checked out in the malware removal forum.

The instructions to read and follow are here:

Malware removal forum: