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2006-07-19, 16:53
I recently installed Spybot anti-virus because I realized my computer had become infected...slowed down, couldn't access programs, browser re-directed, etc. I already had McAfee installed, but it suddenly was disabled and wouldn't re-install. That's when I installed Spybot. It found several infections of spyware/adware. Problem is, there appears to be something it's not detecting. There are applications in the program files that appear to be windows related with names like vhwqg and tfenijvi. I can delete them but they return in a few hours. With time, more and more appear, and more problems occur. I've found one program that I believe is the culprit, but I can't get rid of it. No matter how I try, I get an "access denied" window.
The file name is cwjx explorer...any suggestions? Thanks

2006-07-19, 17:31
Hello safease.

Spybot-S&D is not an anti virus program. ;)

How did McAfee (which is) become disabled?

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2006-07-19, 20:17
Sorry, don't know why I referred to Spybot as anti-virus.....as to McAfee, I got a window at start up telling me that some components of McAfee were missing and that it should be re-installed. I tried to re-install, even using the CD, but the installation is always interuppted and can't complete.
I also tried to download the AOL spyware program, but it won't install either.
I get a window telling me to contact support.

2006-07-19, 20:25
Hi there.

It is 'possible' you have an infection that is messing with your security programs so if you can post a hjt log in the malware forum (link above) someone will take a look. :)