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2005-11-26, 11:56

I have installed StatBar (http://www.statbar.nl) and I liked to start it automatically. No problem so far, but when I look in the System Startup info inside Spybot, it's been marked as malicious (in red). I'm quite sure it's not malicious. Could you fix it please?

Kind regards,


2005-11-28, 13:35
Hi michieldumon,

it looks like statbar is not really malware. On some PCs statbar may cause trouble. We gonna check this.:banana:

2005-12-01, 13:46
Hi Michieldumon,

the detection is a quasi false positive. At our knowledge the statbar software is a resource hog that uses up to 60 % of system resources. That makes it at least not quite innocent at all...
But it does also not seem to be a real threat so that marking statbar in red can be handled as a warning. Please ignore the red marking for now. We will examine wether to turn it to a yellow one or to keep it in red if we decide the behaviour of statbar is not legal.

2005-12-02, 01:22

I'm sorry to say, but 60%... I can't believe that! I use the program quite some time, without any problem. And it's a laptop, so 60% would be very much.

(And no, I don't know the people who made the program;) )