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2005-11-26, 15:54
Alright, the New/Undetected contact support form on the main site is BROKEN:mad: but here is the message I tried to send:

Congrats on Spybot! It's been doing a pretty good job of keeping my system running fluid. However, I recently opened Internet Explorer (I usually use Mozilla Firefox) and was confronted with an ugly surprise. The "Viewpoint Toolbar" has installed itself in my IE, and A) I don't remember installing it, B) I don't know where it came from and C) it doesn't have an Add/Remove entry. I removed it with ToolbarCop because I didn't want it there. I think it should be put on the list. I don't think it is a privacy risk, but the option to rip it out be the roots should be there. I just ran a scan and it came out clean. Please direct me to what files I should send you so that S&D might soon detect it.

After some Googling around, I found this site, I think it's related: http://www.viewpoint.com/pub/index.html and I also found Fotomat installed: http://www.fotomat.com/home/home.asp. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see the improvements in an update soon.

2005-11-26, 21:06
Hi there.
Please see this topic:

Odd that you did not have the uninstall option in ADD/REMOVE.

Viewpoint Player has been the subject of debate for some time, so no need to send files at this time thank you.


2006-11-11, 17:23
If you want to uninstall Fotomat you have to uninstall Viewpoint toolbar. You can do this through ...Control Panel/Add & Remove Programs. I went ahead and removed all program relating to Viewpoint, there were 3 or 4 in there. I rarely use internet explorer and use Mazilla Firefox as my primary internet browser so don't care about any of the "Viewpoint features". I hope this helps!!!

2006-11-11, 18:29

it doesn't have an Add/Remove entry.

Odd that you did not have the uninstall option in ADD/REMOVE.


2006-11-21, 07:17

I was able to dig out viewpoint by going to the list of programs and deleting it there after I did the add/remove feature on the control panel.

I used hyjackthis to help locate pieces and delete them too.

Hope this helps.