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2005-10-24, 18:30
I have run Spy bot several times and each time I run the scan the problem "magic control agent" comes up. After the problem is fixed successfully casino pop-ups still load and then i run the spy bot again etc etc.:confused: Please could you advise how to successfully remove the magic control agent.

Thanks in advance


2005-10-25, 06:38
Hello Joe.
Which version do you have of Spybot-S&D?
If you are not sure you can find out by opening Spybot>Help>About.
It will give you the version number and latest detection update.
Also what is your operating system and do you have other security programs installed.

Thanks. :)

2005-10-25, 10:05
its version 1.4 with detection update 21.10.05. I am using windows xp.


2005-10-25, 22:38
Ok thanks.
Lonny will help you clear up the magic control agent as soon as he is back on the forum. :)

2005-10-26, 05:19
Hi Joe

I need a SpyBot report and the name of the random startup executable, it is normally not visible but can be seen with Microsoft's msconfig, do not disable it yet nor delete the file.
Go start run type msconfig >startup tab and write down the name of the exe and where it is located,
what your looking for is the - start the name of the file is random.
Write that down for us please. see attached screen shot for an example.

Open SpyBot 1.4, check for and get any updates available, close all browsers, check for problems and fix everything found. Then on the toolbar menu select mode and switch to advanced mode, on the left lower down select tools,and view report, ensure all the options are select near the bottom except
Uncheck[ ] do not report disabled or known legitimate Items,
uncheck[ ] Include a list of services in report.
Uncheck[ ] Include uninstall list in report.
Now select (near the top) view report, Press export, in the save in box choose a place such as your my documents folder, then in your next post near the bottom select the "browse" button , navigate to and attach or post that report please.

2005-10-30, 23:50
I've had this same issue for about 3 months. If you have it figured out please post the solution.

2005-10-31, 12:12
I have attached the log file as requested. The file is called lymahiqfu.exe. Prior to that the file was called agjvdrzm.exe Just after finishing the latest cleanup (which showed magic control as being present again), two casino popups loaded even though toolbar popupblockers were active.


2005-10-31, 13:13

check to be sure its still useing the same name with msconfig ?
go start run and paste in
c:\windows\system32\lymahiqfu.exe -uninstall
then hit ok or enter, you should get a prompt like are you sure da da da, yes

Open SpyBot > mode > advanced > tools > ActiveX
On that page select each of these one at a time and choose remove
--- ActiveX list ---
{95460ABD-946A-46FF-9F56-268718323EEE} ()
{B2B0AEDF-7CDF-4792-BB67-7654AD1E1B13} ()
{BD3653E4-884B-43C4-970B-670802501B7F} ()
{C6760A07-A574-4705-B113-7856315922C3} ()
{D8B94E9A-A34B-4253-BF48-C7CB7F2CFDB0} ()
{EF4DCD99-D26B-44A4-BA77-CFDCC97E7291} ()

Close SSD for now.

Uninstal mailskinner via addremove programs, it is what brought in Magic Control Agent we think.
Uninstall Beach_Islands Screensaver, More information >
" Beach_Islands Screensaver. The freeware version comes with GAIN branded ads (pop-ups and others). ScreenScenes do however offer you the option of doing away with the ads by purchasing the screensaver for a whopping $ 30...""
Uninstall these programs also via addremove programs
Viewpoint Manager
Viewpoint Media Player
Viewpoint Toolbar
Can you provide more information on this item ? I see its disabled
Located: Startup (disabled), Kazga.exe (DISABLED)
command: C:\PROGRA~1\KAZGUA~1\Kazga.exe

Download Brute Force Uninstaller (http://www.merijn.org/files/bfu.zip).
Unzip it to it’s own folder (c:\BFU)

RIGHT-CLICK HERE (http://metallica.geekstogo.com/EGDACCESS.bfu) and choose "Save As" "all files" (in IE it's "Save Target As") in order to download EGDACCESS Remover. Save it in the folder you made earlier (c:\BFU)

Start the Brute Force Uninstaller by doubleclicking BFU.exe

In the scriptline to execute copy and paste c:\bfu\EGDACCESS.bfuPress execute and let it do it’s job.

Wait for the complete script execution box to popup and press OK.Press exit to terminate the BFU program.

Its best to then restart the PC, check for and fix any problems found with SpyBot. Once fixed they shouldnt show again.

Let us know

2005-10-31, 17:47
Thanks for the quick response. I will do this and report back. Thanks for your help.


2006-01-31, 05:30
Hello out there, I've been having a problem removing the magic control agent. I even tried the brut force application with no success. Any suggestions out there will be greatly appreicated. Thanks

2006-06-15, 19:52
i also have problems with magic control agents, I did try to follow info from previous threads, but could not translate a few things, please can you help me resolve my issue

2006-06-16, 03:20

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