View Full Version : ishost.exe, issearch.exe, isnotify.exe, ismon.exe

2006-07-26, 01:14
I get "malware/adware removal alerts" icons in my system tray, but im sure they are just to propagate more crap onto my computer. There are several processes running on my list that are causing this, they are ishost.exe, issearch.exe, isnotify.exe, and ismon.exe. I have tried to end the process and delete the file before it restarts itself. That usually works, but all of these restart themselves faster than i have ever seen (less than a quarter of a second), so there is not enough time to delete it. If these could be added to the process blacklist and/or a removal update for them would be great! -Thank you.


2006-08-01, 14:24
I had the same processes giving me grief, i fixed the problem by searching for and then deleting any refrence to the malicous processes in the registry. Then i ended the process and deleted them. Seems to have fixed the problem. I'm not an expert and wouldn't usually advise messing with the registry unless you know what your doing, but thats how i fixed it.