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2006-07-28, 06:35
Infected by something which sits in the task bar and flashes a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in it (like my icon above)and pops up messages that my computer is infected with spyware and directs me to click the triangle. Doing this takes me to a web page selling anti-spyware software but the only spyware on my computer is them. Sometimes it says I am infected by OHPE VER 4.12_23.
And, there is a constant stream of adult and gambling popups.
I have seen fixes on the web involving a file smitfraudfix.cmd, but the instructions are too complex for me.
AVG, Yahoo and Spybot do not detect this.
Help anyone, please.

2006-07-28, 08:03
You could ask for help in the malware removal forum.

The instructions are here,titled-
BEFORE you POST. Preliminary Steps. Please READ to avoid assistance being delayed:

Malware Removal:

2006-07-29, 08:04
I solved the problem by buying Pest Patrol.

2006-07-29, 09:13
Good,glad you got all fixed up. :)

2006-07-29, 09:28
It would be nice to see a log. :)

Once infected by variants of the Smitfraud family it often requires a manual cleanup with several tools to make sure all traces are gone.

As shown by this topic.
Smitfraud:SpyAxe, SpywareFalcon, and other desktop type hijacks (http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=4015)

Many people choose to have a helper assist them through the process.

Good luck and if you would like a helper to check the System please follow Zenobia's instructions.