View Full Version : help with reinstalling

2006-07-29, 19:22
Windows XPSp2 (NT)
I am trying to reinstall Spybot,I did once the .reg file fix,and I need to know is it safe to do it again,since I'm getting the same Error/Warning message again.


md usa spybot fan
2006-07-29, 19:42
Yes it is.

2006-07-29, 19:46
the wierd thing is that I have .reg file from Safer Networking downloaded as .reg file
and when I try to download from my computer it comes out like text for making one
Do you know why this happens?

2006-07-29, 21:44
If I click on a .reg file,while using Firefox,I just see the text of the .reg(while surfing,not after it's downloaded).Are you using Firefox?If I want a .reg,I rightclick and select Save Link As.

If the .reg comes out as text after you have it downloaded,I saw something at Doug Knox's that opens .reg files as text,for a safety precaution.Know if you used anything like that?

2006-07-29, 21:54
Me again (hee)
Also,I find sometimes .reg files get the extension .reg.txt on XP,too.