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2005-11-28, 01:05
The past week or so, when I have run Spybot, I get two listings in red which say I have something to the effect of "Windows Security Center, Firewall Disable Notify" and "Windows Security Center, AntiVirus Disable Notify." I delete the two, but they reappear next time I start my PC and run a scan.

Are they dangerous, or should I just go to the settings and check the box by them to disable their being shown in the future?



md usa spybot fan
2005-11-28, 06:17
Please see:
Spybot & Windows Security Centre.....warning

2005-11-28, 07:23
Thanks md usa!

2005-11-29, 17:53
Thanks for the tips. The settings seem to be working after a reboot.
Spybot is a great software - I just sent an email to about 10 friends to use spybot.