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2006-08-02, 00:28
I noticed that the picture used in the actual program seemed kind of old and wasn't very pleasant to look at. No offense, I mean, this is a great program, but instead of donating money, I want to donate a new picture that you may want to put in the next revision. Only if you want to, your choice. I whipped it up in about 5 min so its not that good, but I personally think its better.


2006-08-02, 00:30
If anyone has any ideas that I can make it better, email me at: i saved the Photoshop document so it won't be hard. Also, if anyone wants to amke their own changes to it, I'll send you the PSD for you to change it.

2006-08-02, 00:31
And thanks to Google Images... makes Photoshopping soo much easier.

2006-08-02, 04:58
There are quite a few skins that people have made for Spybot:


Download and extract to Spybot's skins folder.

There is a tool you can use to create yours:


download skinner