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2005-10-24, 19:55
I'm running Spybot Search & Destroy ver 1.3 with 2005-10-14 as the latest detection files on a WIN98se rig. I try to use the update feature to get the 2005-10-21 files and I keep getting a:

"!!! bad checksum !" value.

This has also happenned in the past numerous times, but if I continue to attempt an update, eventually I will download those files without the above listed error.

The question I have is... is there a setting that needs to be set from my end to ellimnate this error or at least cut down on its occurance.

Thanks a lot.
And one other thing, I see others on the forum talking about version 1.4. Where do I go to download the latest and greatest version of this program?

Thanks for the support.

Time to go outside and watch the grass grow.

md usa spybot fan
2005-10-24, 20:18
"Bad Checksum" problems can be overcome in most cases by changing the download server (site) as follows:
Do not click "Search for Updates" again.
Using the pull-down site selection menu (between the "Search for Updates" and "Download Updates" buttons) select another server.
After changing the download server click "Download Updates" again.
If you get another "Bad Checksum", repeated Steps 2 & 3 (using a 3rd or 4th server if necessary) until all updates are received.
Try these servers (at this time):
Safer Networking #1 (Europe)
Safer Networking #2 (Europe)
Consider upgrading to Spybot 1.4. Downloads are here:
Download Spybot-S&D

2005-10-24, 20:19
If you will click on the "Download" area in the black bar across the top of the page, you will be able to download the version 1.4

Am not sure about the bad checksum problem, but from what I have read, in these forums, they are changing to a faster, more sizable server for their downloads and updates, which should remove the congestion problem. I think that server congestion is what is causing the bad checksum error messages.

Good luck.

2005-10-24, 20:37
Thanks for the help....

I downloaded and installed version 1.4.
During the install, you are given the option of looking for updates, which I enabled. During the process of the update, I once again got the "bad checksum" error message so the newer version does not correct this problem. I finished the installation and rebooted. After the reboot, I once again tried to do an update by simply clicking on the update button. Same problem.

I then disabled ZoneAlarm (ver 5.5) and then tried the update again. This time there wasn't a problem during the download. I don't know if ZoneAlarm is causing this problem, but when I went into ZA's menus, I could not find the website that is used for the updates for SB by simply pressing the update button.

Anyhow, if ZA is causing this problem, anybody have the workaround for keeping ZA enabled while downloading the latest and greatest detection files for SB?

Again, thanks for all the help on this. I will look at all the help in the previous threads and get back with you....

But I really have to get out of the house and cut the grass. :cool:

md usa spybot fan
2005-10-24, 20:45

Post grass cutting.

Did following instructions in this post?

Did you try these servers (at this time):
Safer Networking #1 (Europe)
Safer Networking #2 (Europe)
Also this site appears to have been updated. Might be the best bet in the USA:
BN FileForum (World)

2005-10-25, 00:52
Did following instructions in this post?

Questions about what to do about "bad checksum" come up so often that the answer (as shown in the quoted URL) should perhaps be made into a sticky.

2005-10-25, 03:20
Major improvements with the entire Detections Update system today, see this post.

cybernut: We've been chasing this issue for a while now and finally seem to have a handle on it. Though the issue will always exist for occasional individual users, the major problem lately has been the servers, so I'd rather hear any complaints for the next week or two.

Though you're basically correct, there used to be a page with graphics explaining this on the Net-Integration site that failed late last week. The site you are viewing wasn't in use until about 5 days ago, so everything has to be built back up again from scratch. Pinning everything we've lost would quickly flood the forum, so it's going to be a while before everything is back that needs to be.