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Ancient Galaxy
2011-06-28, 01:31
Dear all,

On Spybot version 1.6.2 I was using the 'system startup' section under the 'tools' and have identified two start-ups that are spyware (XP safer networking fraud 2012 files). However I am a little unsure how to delete them. Do I leave them 'unchecked' and then press delete or do I uncheck all the 'safe' ones and re-check the ones I want to delete. Just a small point of clarification really, as I don't want to be disabling windows... Many Thanks, and keep up the good work ! :confused:

2011-06-28, 11:04

You just click the entry with the mouse, so that it is highlighted in blue.
Then you choose delete from the menu bar above.

Best regards
Team Spybot