View Full Version : vanishing temporary files text bok

2011-07-21, 06:06
On loading Spybot I only rarely get the chance to view the text/check box 'spybot has located temporary files, do you want to remove' or words to that effect...

Normally it flashes on the screen for about half a second and then disappears. Every once in a while it lets me check the box to remove the temporary files.

Has anyone come across this and/or got a solution?

Thanks heaps

2011-07-22, 00:07
The default minimum number of temp files is 100 before Spybot offers to remove them.When it lets you check the box to remove the temporary files,you probably have 100 or more temporary files.When it flashes up on the screen for half a second,then disappears,it is probably because you have less than 100 temporary files.