View Full Version : User_0001_N82M1105NetInstaller.exe Help!!!

2006-08-05, 07:04
How can I remove User_0001_N82M1105NetInstaller.exe file?

Norton Antivirus alreted me that My computer is infrected by
C:\WINNT\Downloaded Program Files\User_0001_N82M1105NetInstaller.exe - adware error safe

I tried to remove it using many different software but failed.

Plese help!

md usa spybot fan
2006-08-05, 07:17
windycitymj (http://forums.spybot.info/member.php?u=10080) has a thread in the Malware Removal (http://forums.spybot.info/forumdisplay.php?f=22) forum:
is it spyware, Adware, Malware?? HELP Please!!! Hijackthislog included.