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2006-08-06, 22:39
One has to admit that Apple has been quite fast in reacting to concerns many people had about the new iTunes ministore. There were various reports that Apple officials told the ministore would not collect any information at all, or at least the data was not stored. While we finally got into contact with the right people at Apple and are verifying this, Apple also made another important quick step: it made the ministore optional (you'll now just get a page that allows you to use or hide it when you first open the new iTunes), even for existing 6.0.2 downloads, and if you choose to use it, it seems it will no longer use Omniture.
As we wrote on the 13th, our intention in detection one iTunes file was to show Apple that their customers misliked their practice. This was successful, and since any further harm to iTunes users was turned away, we have, at least for now (though signs are good that Apple has learned from this), removed this detection as a sign of goodwill while we continue to work this out with Apple.

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