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2005-11-29, 06:20
I have an unusual problem with Spybot - Search and Destroy
this is an Actual Screen Example

Spybot - Search & Destroy has detected an important
registry entry that has been changes

Category: Browser menu extension
Change: Value deleted

Entry: Refresh Picture with Full Quality

Old Data greyed out
New Data greyed out

x Remember this decision ? ----------

Not only is the remember this decision box overlapping the question marke
There is no other description in the other box

And Most Import
There is no Cancel or Save keys for me to press
The rest of the box is blank


I am unable ot save the check or cancel the check or exist

there are no buttons whatsover on the screen for me to click

This happen a month ago and now I cannot save any manual category

changes I make to Spybot - Search and Destroy

Please send me instructions to fix this problem to


md usa spybot fan
2005-11-29, 06:51
There is currently a bug in TeaTimer 1.4. Portions of TeaTimer's pup-up dialog overlay the "Allow change" and "Deny change" buttons. On my system the very top edges of the "Allow change" and "Deny change" buttons are showing and I am still able to select the options. I also can check "Remember this decision" since it is visible. If no portion of the "Allow change" and "Deny change" buttons are showing, you can answer TeaTimer's popup dialog (English language version) by pressing "A" on your keyboard for "Allow change" or "D" for "Deny change".

If you can't deal with the problem until it is fixed, you can:
Apply one of the workarounds found in the following thread:
Solution to fix the pop-ups in TeaTimer
Disable TeaTimer as follows:
Go into Spybot > Mode > Advanced Mode > Tools > Resident.
Uncheck the following:Resident "TeaTimer" (Protection of over-all system settings) Active.