View Full Version : Warning about Consumer Reports typo, September '06 issue

2006-08-21, 13:10
The september issue of Consumer Reports contains a test on anti spyware products. Sadly, the persons who conducted the test were not really working concentrated I guess, since while recommending our product, they printed a wrong URL. If you visit the URL Consumer Reports printed, you'll reach one of the fraud sites mentioned in our August 4th news.
That in itself might have been a typo or mistake, but since we received a lot of emails from people who fell for the fraud site, we contacted Consumer Reports with the plea to please warn people about the wrong URL in their next issue. Consumer Reports - who as an nonprofit organization for consumers should have a real interest to help their readers - didn't even care to answer our requests.
http://forums.spybot.info/images/press/userspick2006.gifAnd since this article is already about reviews, let's name some positive news as well. Spybot-S&D received the Chip Online Users pick 2006 award, for example. And that's only one of many, we'll update our press section shortly.

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