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Joe Django
2013-03-08, 08:41
i hope my English is correct enough, so my message is understood.

First of all thank you for S & D.
Today I received after an Rootkit-FastScan the Message:
"3 MBRs überprüft."
"Unbekannte MBRs: PhysicalDrive2"

I have two Physical Drives each with a Window 7 / x64 - System. The second System is only for Online-Banking and Letters etc..
The first System is for my and my Childrens Games, Musik, Pictures etc.

The Problem is only on my Gaming-System, this is the second Physical Drive.

The DeepScan showed some Entries with the Message "Unknown ADS". I have all Entrys from this System-Drive with "Rightklick/Show Details/Delete" deleted. A ". Sys" file could not be removed until you restart.

After them i Check again with an Rootkit-Scann, but the Msg still there:
"Unbekannte MBRs: PhysicalDrive2"

A search with S & D gets stuck at Virtumonde.dll, about 5 Minutes.

Now i dont no, is my System clear or not. Pls help me.

Yours truly

2013-03-08, 12:05

That is not an infection.
The rootkit scan only detects another drive, which is correct, as you have more than one drive as you stated.

Best regards
Team Spybot