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2013-03-19, 04:35
I'm not entirely sure if this object that the Rootkit scan found is malware or not, but I figured it'd be best to seek help from professionals in the matter.
(I've attached the required Attach.txt in zipped format using the method of Right Click > Send To > Compressed Folder, but currently have WinRAR installed on my PC, so am unaware of whether or not that will affect your ability to open it.)

The object in question is:

Type: Key
Object: S-1-5-21-2625813189-2938010515-2775525617-1000
Location: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\PREFERENCES\HME\
Details: No admin in ACL

2013-03-19, 15:57
Hello Zyzook,

That's your Microsoft Media Player.

Regarding ‘No admin in ACL’ please see this thread:
Unknown ADS and no Admn in ACL what is good and what is bad??? (http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=27446)
I saw you have Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise installed, is this a business computer? :)

Best regards,

2013-03-19, 20:35
Sorry about that, was unsure of where to post this!

So I have nothing to worry about regarding the Media Player and No Admin in ACL? I looked into the specified registries, but found nothing out of place. Of course I'm not entirely familiar with what they're supposed to look like, so that's probably not much help!

It was indeed at one point a business computer, but I have since then adopted it as just my personal computer.

Thanks for replying!