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2006-08-25, 17:26
In my HJT scan, the only thing I can find that is out of the ordinary is the entry

O17 - HKLM\System\CCS\Services\Tcpip\..\{EAC62E71-ED80-48AE-B816-A0480BD2CDED}: NameServer =

I check it and it just returns. I read another thread with this same problem and I have run the Fixwarout with no concernabe result.

Thank you in advance for any help.


2006-08-25, 17:46
Hello :)

inetnum: -
netname: inhoster
descr: Inhoster hosting company
descr: OOO Inhoster, Poltavskij Shliax 24, Kharkiv, 61000, Ukraine

If you have already been fixing items in HJT it could make analysis difficult, however if you would like someone to take a look at a log.

Please follow the instructions in this sticky topic:
"BEFORE you POST" -Preliminary Steps and scanning with SPYBOT-S&D (http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=288)

Then start your own thread in the malware forum:
Malware Removal (http://forums.spybot.info/forumdisplay.php?f=22)

A helper will advise you as soon as available, cheers.

2006-08-25, 17:57
Malware topic here:

2006-08-26, 05:44
I ran a scan with HJT and an online scan with eTrust, both ar posted.

2006-08-27, 03:33
Are they your ISP DNS servers?

I have a similar entry (different IPs, of course), and that is what they are on my system

2006-08-29, 05:00
This entry has only been on my computer for about three weeks, I've been with the same ISP for nearly six years, so I don't think it has anything to do with them. i will call and ask them anyway.