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2006-08-25, 23:59
McAfee Security Center keeps displaying the alert "Tracking cookie detected and removed. Tracking Cookie-blenk". Well, it does and it doesn't, that is it detects this cookie, but a search (Windows Explorer) shows a 'blenk' cookie is still there. I've been getting this alert for two days now, and I can't seem to get rid of it.

Here's what I have done so far:
Ran Spybot S&D
Found: PestTrap, Smitfraud.c, Zlob and Vcodec.
Deleted all, and ran Spybot again: no problems found.
Downloaded and ran HackThis. Log available if needed.
Ran online virus checker. Found one virus on my temporary HD and removed.
Restarted computer in Safe Mode, and ran Spybot S&D. No problems found.
Restarted computer in regular mode, and got the 'blenk' alert three times.
Went to Spybot S&D home page, got the 'blenk' alert twice.
Logged in to the forums, got 'blenk' alert twice more.

Obviously, I have something in my computer that (attempts) to put a tracking cookie in my system. Spybot S&D and McAfee Virus Scanner can't find it, nor did the online virus scan find it either.

Any suggestions?


md usa spybot fan
2006-08-26, 00:34
Many internet sites store tracking cookies on your system. There is a method to block third party cookies (tracking cookies) within your browser. See if the recommended settings in the following article for your browser help eliminate those tracking cookies:
Why do other anti-spyware applications detect so many more tracking cookies?

2006-08-26, 00:53
Internet Explorer: Open "Internet Options..." from the "Tools" menu. Choose the "Privacy" tab, and raise the Settings to at least Medium; or use the "Advanced..." button to enabled "Override automatic cookie handling" and set "Third-party Cookies" to "Block".

Forgot to mention in the original post that I did change my IE settings to block third-party cookies. It didn't do any good, I'm still getting the alert.

This has to be something else, since the problem just started. Its REALLY annoying.:banghead: Just got it again when I pressed the [More] smilie link.


md usa spybot fan
2006-08-26, 01:15
I am sorry that my suggestion didn't help, but in that case the only thing that I can personally suggest is that you post in the following forum and see if the McAfee Security Center "alert" is a false positive or they have an explanation of why you are getting the "alert":
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