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2013-09-28, 03:30
Hi, I just ran a rootkit deep scan and it found these 2 that I can<t find anything on them:

HKey Local Machine
\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\IME\15.0\IMEJP\DictionaryUpdate\ DUState
HKey Local Machine
\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\IME\15.0\IMESC\ DUState

They both has No Admin In ACL.
Thank you very much for your amazing job and useful help!

2013-09-28, 05:37
Hello mr.AJ, :welcome:

DUState seems to be something to do with sporting events if that rings a bell?

How is the computer running? :)

Best regards.

2013-09-28, 16:36
Hi Tashi!
My computer is running a fresh copy of windows8 32 bits, it seems to be running smoothly. I don't know sporting events, but the dustate was not in the location it was like a description showing in the tool about the both files, sorry for that i thought i press enter. Do you think it is safe to delete?

2013-09-29, 02:06
Hi mr.AJ,

You could leave it alone, all items found by the RootAlyzer are not necessarily malicious, it may show ones which it believes to be out of the ordinary. :)

Best regards.

2013-09-29, 03:08
Okayy Tashi, thanks for your help!

Sincerely, Mr.AJ.