View Full Version : Somebody tell me about youtube.com.

2006-08-29, 18:47
I was ready to sign up for youtube.com till I read the privacy poicy very carefully and followed the links to the list of partners they share info with.
Here is the list:

* 24/7 Real Media, Inc.

* Adbrite, Inc.

* DoubleClick

* Fastclick, Inc.

* Google, Inc.

* TribalŪ Fusion

The only one here that doesn't bother me is Google. I don't know anything about Tribal Fusion. I do know that every one of the others have caused problems for me in the past. At the time I did not use SBSD or Spyware Blaster. I now use both as well as Hijack this.

I'm wondering if aybody else out there is a subscriber to youtube and is successful at keeping these threats at bay? Talk to me. Thanks

2006-09-02, 02:23
I'm a frequent YouTube user and I've yet to encounter any problems. You don't actually download anything other than videos on YouTube, so I don't see how they would screw around with you...

2006-09-02, 05:23
You have to go a couple of levels deep into their privacy policy to find the list. This was the list that youtube shares info with. Thanks for the input! How long have you been a user?