View Full Version : Deep RootKit Scan worried about Sony Game rootkits

2013-10-29, 17:40
Hello, trying to post a rookit log, it is 1.5 Mb forums sais it is too large, the cab and log will not post, there are at least four sony games and the deepscan shows with multiple rootkits in each.
have dissused in vent in game with someone that was crashing, game crashes when antivirus flags some of the rootkits

2013-10-29, 23:58
there are more than Sony rootkits, also this was the seconed time I scaned and did not clean anything, each time I closed the rootkit scanner windows 7 64bit crashed to blue screen

2013-10-30, 03:02
Hello BajaBandit,

In general all items found by the RootAlyzer are not necessarily malicious. The RootAlyzer shows items which it believes to be out of the ordinary and may give a hint for an infection.
The RootAlyzer is an analyst tool, it is not a scan and fix tool like the System or File Scan.

If you post just the lines showing the detections is the log smaller? Examples can be found in other topics in this sub- forum. :)

Best regards.