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2006-08-29, 23:36
Hi..I have scanned my computer with Norton System works and everytime i do there are 5 temporary files that the program cannot fix or delete...then i scan with spybot and it does not show those files...i tried to delete the file perflib_perfdata_4ec.dat located in C:\windows\temp but it cannot be removed..the other 4 temp files are located in a file thet i cannot find when i search them with windows search, like if he temp file was invisible...why is that..can anyone please provide information about the solution to this matter?


2006-08-30, 02:31

It is possible that if you have Spybot S&D’s TeaTimer (or a similar program) enabled it might interfere with removal depending on any registry changes that may have taken place.

To disable TeaTimer:

Open Spybot>click on Mode>check Advanced Mode
Check yes in the warning window that will pop up.
Click Tools in bottom left hand corner.
Click on Resident icon in the Tools menu.
Uncheck the box next to Resident TeaTimer (Protection of all-over system settings) active.

Close SpyBot-S&D

Remind yourself to turn teatimer back on later.

Run your anti virus program.

Other than that I'd recommend you follow the procedure as I posted to you here:

Topic in malware removal.