View Full Version : How to stop scans

2013-12-04, 06:48
There has to be a way to stop the scans of SpyBot av 2.2 but I can't find it. I've searched the FAQ's and the index for 'pause', 'delete', 'cancel', and a couple of others with no success. Furthermore, the only icon on my screen links to a "Start Center" and doesn't seem to have any controls in it for modifying behavior - scheduling scans for example.

I would really like some help. I need to temporarily stop SpyBot.

Thank you very much in advance.


2013-12-04, 15:28
If you open Start Center and checkmark Advanced Mode,you'll see Settings,where you can change things you need to.
There's a Schedule tab in there where you can make changes to the scheduled scans.If you click the Edit button,it will open task scheduler so you can edit the tasks.
If you wanted to temporarily stop a scheduled scan,you could probably disable the task,and enable it whenever you wanted it back. :)