View Full Version : The National Flag for Traditional Chinese is WRONG

roy wu
2006-08-30, 20:01
As far as I know, the only one nation in this world uses Traditional Chinese as official language is Taiwan.
I'm just hoping that someone nice would change the flag from China to Taiwan. It's mistaken please change it and all Taiwanese will appreciate you^_^
Thx a Lot!:)


The address above has the worng flag for Traditional Chinese.

2006-08-30, 20:16
Hi there.

I will pass this on to the Team, thank you. :)

2006-08-30, 21:11
Well, we're looking for new flags for the website anyway, as part of the new look the plain-looking flags will get replaced with something nicer. I'll keep this in mind for the - hopefully near - point when we've found newer flags :)

roy wu
2006-09-02, 19:57
Thanks, but did you know that you guys actually have the Taiwanese flag?
It's on the page of the link i gave you, on the right side there's a list of flags, and the Taiwanese flag is on the very bottom. The on under the Chinese flag. It's also on the front page of the same location.
I'd appreciate you so much if you could just use that flag for traditional chinese^^

thanks A LOT

Razor computers
2006-09-16, 02:12