View Full Version : Spybot runs at 100% CPU Usage

2006-08-31, 00:17
I have WinXP Pro with all the updates. When I run Spybot (1.4) to check for malware, it uses 100% CPU. Is this normal or is there some modification that I can make so that it doesn't use 100% CPU while running.
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md usa spybot fan
2006-08-31, 00:45
Spybot-S&D does drive the CPU at a very high utilization percentage. In addition, your anti-virus active shield is likely become more active during a Spybot scan. Between the two you could very well be running 100% CPU during a good portion of a scan.

If you are having a problem getting other work done during a scan, you can lower the priority at which Spybot runs. To do that:
Go into Spybot > Mode > Advanced mode > Settings > Settings > under Main Settings there is a Scan priority section. Choose "lower" or "lowest".
Please note that lowering the Scan priority will allow other work to get done because the dispatching priority is lower on Spybot. However, it will not lower the overall percentage of CPU being used since Spybot will still be trying to use whatever it needs that is left over from the other tasks.

2006-08-31, 01:25
Thank you for the information. I've changed the setting to lowest, which allows me to get other work done during the scan. And, of course, you're right! There is still 100% CPU usage, but my other apps still run fast.:)