View Full Version : Why is Spybot scanning very very slowly???

2005-10-25, 08:58
The other day, both Spybot (newest version) and Norton 2006 began to give me problems at about the same time. Norton refused to open and I received a fatal errror. Norton seems to be working again, but Spybot runs extremely slow. It gets hung up in the same places everytime while scanning. The first hangup always occurs at #643 Central24. Usually the scan takes no time at all. Last night it had been scanning for 6 hours before I went to bed, so I just left it on. It had finished this morning, but with nothing new found. Is there a virus that has attacked these two programs and caused them to malfunction? :confused:

2005-10-25, 09:53
We service around 7 computers a day with Norton AV and NIS and can say that nothing surprises me anymore from Symantec. We call it "Go Slow". Norton now provides a small program specifically designed to remove all their rubbish from the computer. You can be sure the problem is norton and not Spybot.

2005-12-02, 12:46
Well, fwiw, i don't use Norton and SpyBot S&D still runs with the speed of a hurried snail, and spends a lot of time on Central24 and on other places. It still does that even after updates. What can i do? Do i need to reinstall it?