View Full Version : Question about bookt! s found in rootscan results

2015-02-05, 06:30

I have Spybot Professional plus Antivirus. I just completed a rootscan. The only questionable item in the list was this:

bookt! s C\ invisible to win 32. In file properties, there are question marks for the info: created, accessed, etc. The size is 0 B (O bytes).

Is this something I need to be concerned about?

2015-02-05, 07:26
Hello Suemarie,

That entry appears to be alright, how is the computer running?

Regards. :)

2015-02-05, 11:54
1201612016Hi Thank you for replying. My computer seems to be running ok. I have been getting a pop up from Avast lately though. I made a screen shot of the issue. I put it in an attachment. I am not sure if it is showing up.

2015-02-05, 17:10
Hello Suemarie

It is possible Avast is throwing a false positive, one of several topics there:

Win32:Evo-gen [Susp]


You could ask in their forums if you are concerned. :)

Best regards.

2015-02-06, 04:18
Thank you. That could very well be because when I run Spypot, full scan, and the malewarebytes, and Avast, they come up clean. :)