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2006-09-09, 04:10

Add Rootkit Protection to TeaTimer and to the scanner
A Real-time Protection (TeaTimer and SD-Helper) Button on the main page
Less TeaTimer Reports

Are any of these all ready in the works for Version 1.5?
When will Version 1.5 be released?

2006-09-09, 11:44
You have forgotten something:;)

- Better support (immunisierung, etc.) of Firefox (1.x and 2.x)
- Find improvements around passive Spyware

2006-09-10, 17:48
And maybe even a redesigned GUI, because while people say the website is 5 years back (I dont agree), I think the GUI of Spybot is five years back...

2006-10-02, 19:38
Are any of these all ready in the works for Version 1.5?
When will Version 1.5 be released?

answer to first question is "yes"
answer to second question as to when 1.5 will be released is "we don't know"

we all need to wait very patiently and the makers of Spybot will post up an announcement in the Spybot S&D forum of when Spybot 1.5 will officially be released.

2006-10-02, 19:55
Less TeaTimer reports are quite near (based on whitelisting e.g. based on Codesigning, and better scanning of registry wentries) ;)

"Rootkit protection" is something that's in there for a long time. Depends on which rootkits you mean ;) Rootkits are not one thing always based on the same technique. If you have specific rootkits in mind, you can always hint our detections team at those ;)
As I hinted in the topic where I mentioned the TeaTimer update, the number of detection techniques will nearly double with the next update.

For Firefox, we're also working on a Firefox plugin actually, yes :) Though it won't come with the TeaTimer update since that has to finally get out soon :D

And the GUI... well, it's just funny. There are always people saying how good it is, and others how bad it is :D

2006-10-18, 03:27
How about making it possible to set Teatimer in a temporary mode of accepting all changes in the registry until the user decides to go in and turn back on the protection. This would be very useful when installing new software or when doing software updates.

Or even better, do implement something like I suggested, but instead don't disable TeaTimer fully, but instead make it monitor the changes somewhat. How about let it list up the registry additions on the screen as they are written to the registry, or else make some kind of log you can scroll through later on.

But, I assume you already have thought about several solutions to how TeaTimer should work in future versions. I hope for some positive changes.

2006-10-21, 01:47
I appreciate what you guys at Safer-Networking Ltd. do. I am looking forward to the Spybot Search & Destroy 1.5 release!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep up the excellent work!

2006-10-23, 18:13
Feature: The ability to add sites to the host file for blocking.

Reasoning: I had a friend that has a problem with a family member going to a certain website which was costing him a good amount of money. I know many firewalls do this but I think this would be a valuable feature not only for my friend but others as well. Many people already know they can get to sites by temporarily shutting down the firewall but not many know about the host file. It would provide a "deeper" level of protection.

2006-11-02, 19:15
Please give away to push out updates with SMS 2003. This will increase the value of the software a lot in organizations. You could ad a swictch to the defs files that will allow for silent installs of updates.

2006-11-10, 10:02
How likely is this?

An optional download (after the detection files, etc.) of all the skins that are available off of the spybot.info site. I really could have sworn there was some site that did mirroring for Spybot that provided all the skins, but I'm not able to find it anymore.

Or if having the skins provided through the update service is not feasible, how about making such an executable for those who like their GUIs to be non-standard, but don't have time to download and install 50+ skins one-by-one?

2007-01-02, 16:31
this 'skinner' perhaps? see:

and PLEASE keep it more-or-less compatible/'trim' with older Win* like 98, 98SE and ME;) - (what's a rootkit, admin, etc. ad-infinitum?)

basic features are good, complexity leads to ... keeping it all working for everyone (at least Win*) is :wink::