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2015-08-16, 00:11
My computer has had this 100% disk usage issue, and I've tried many anti virus and anti malware to get it fixed. To my luck, nothing worked. I noticed the extra rootkit scanner option on spy bit and gave it a shot. Plz tell me something in the results is what's causing my disk usage to be 100% so I can finally fix it!

2015-08-16, 18:01
Hello badjaboi,

A rootkit scan in this case is ambiguous. If you think you have a malware infection you can ask for assistance by starting a topic in the Malware Removal Forum (http://forums.spybot.info/forumdisplay.php?f=22) and a volunteer analyst will advise.

In which case see that forum's FAQ which also includes instructions in post #2 on how to provide the logs from Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and aswMBR, which are the logs used in the preliminary analysis.


Otherwise I can refer you to a tech site so you can be assisted with the disk usage issue. :)

Best regards.