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2006-09-15, 14:02
Windows XP allows multiple accounts....I have 2 accounts set up....

Current 1.4 version of Spybot gives me fits because of this.....I even have to run 2 different scans (one on each account).....I haven't found any mention in Spybot Help that multiple accounts need to be handled differently.....The tutorial and help index have no mention of multiple accounts and give the impression that the program handles everything etc.....

Suggest---new version be able to better handle Windows XP multiple accounts (AVG and AdAware is able without any problem).....

If Spybot can't/won't .....then at least give detailed documentation on what to expect with multiple accounts and "what to do if..."....


2006-09-15, 20:16
Hello and thank you for your suggestions. :)

Off topic but I noticed in your signature that you have AVG7(Free) and AOL 9 Security Edition S E.

Just checking to make sure you do not have two resident Anti Virus programs running.

If using the AOL Firewall the Windows firewall should be disabled.