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2006-09-20, 21:35
I know this is probably a pipe dream, but here goes. What I would like is to have a Live-CD with a Linux distro (Knoppix, Ubuntu, etc), be able to update a .dat file on the Live-CD for the spyware definitions (and virus defs), boot to the CD, mount a Windows partition, and clean it. Does this seem possible?


2006-09-24, 19:55
Blake, you might try this question on a regular Linux forum...

What you might do is just wait to burn your CD until (assuming that you're working w / 2 computers) your other computer gets the virus. Then download the most recent .dat and then burn the CD & use it.

Have a great day! :D

2006-12-17, 09:28
A Linux version, or a documented way to run SpybotSD under Linux (wine or whatever),
AND a command switch to specify hive(s) to check
would be truly SUPER :bigthumb: - it would make SpybotSD the :crowned: and an :angel: of mercy for us all.
AKFAIK no malware in windows can infect Linux partitions :D:

2007-01-03, 14:04
Live-CDs are possible through BartPE... running Windows (even with Live updates to a RAM disk).

For Linux, well, 1.5 will support Wine I think (at least when I last tried it on Wine and made one or two adjustments :D ).

The problem, with Wine as much as Linux, is that scanning and cleaning the registry from there is very complicated.

A native Linux command line version would be easily possible as well, regarding the fact that there's already one for Windows. But again, without any registry scanning probably.