View Full Version : Smitfraud-C in SVKP driver for NT?

Watcher of the Spies
2006-10-11, 15:56
Today, on my Windows XP-based PC, Spybot reports that it has detected Smitfraud-C in C:\WINDOWS\system32\SVKP.sys
Some web sources claim that SVKP driver for NT by AntiCracking is a legitimate Windows service that prevents illegal CD copying. How did this get on my computer? Is it really part of Windows? Could this be a false positive? For the time being, I have quarantined the SVKP service using Neuber Security Task Manager. Please advise!

2006-10-11, 16:27
:oops: This false positive will be fixed in the next update scheduled for the end of the week. ;-)

Watcher of the Spies
2006-10-11, 16:46
Thanks for the swift response, A-Squared Anti-Malware and TrojanHunter had detected nothing unusual, so I was pretty sure it was a false positive.

2006-10-12, 12:30
Today i found this Error too.
My big problem, i wasn't as cautious as Watcher of the Spies.
I let Spybot solve the problem.
Now i have the question, could this cause any problems?

The Error messages was:
in C:\WINDOWS\system32\SVKP.sys

I didn't restart my PC since solving the problem!

Thanks for any help!