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2006-10-13, 08:32
My name is Diddi. I live in Iceland and I'm a hobby "computer doktor".
That strange hobby came to be when I simply realised one day, that every single computer that I saw was obviously infected by some annoying crap, or was just immensely slow.
The first computer that I realised was messed up, was my own, after the first time that i connected to a high speed internet connection. ADSL was a breakthrough then. It's a neccesity now!

Anyway, i began my battle against viruses and spyware and it was hard work... until my friend introduced me to this "Ace" program that he called Spybot S&D. I mentioned some other programs that did a similar job but he practically laughed at my ignorance and said that if I had this program, all the others were useless. Soon i came to understand the brilliance of this program and I couldn't grasp how neatly engineered it was in essence. Then when I read these lines by the Father of the program I understood:

I. Freeware
First of all, the reasons why Spybot-S&D is free:

I.a. Dedication
Spybot-S&D is dedicated to the most wonderful girl on earth :)

I.b. Binary
What do you get if you buy software? Lots of ones and zeros, nothing more. If they were distributed as art, I could understand paying it. But if the main goal of their order is to earn money - by fees or ads - I don't like it!

I.c. Conclusion
This means that I grant you the license to use Spybot-S&D as much as you like. But if you like it, I ask two things of you: say a prayer for me (and the most wonderful girl while you're at it ;) ) to your god - or whatever you believe - and wish us some luck.

...This program was made with love!! And passion! Passion for good programming and for the battle against all the "evil" programming done by various low-life scammers and cyberpirates, in the information Sea that is the internet. I haven't donated recently to any humanitarian or "feed the poor" foundation, but I felt obligated to give a little something back to the Kings of antispyware. You guys simply have such a compelling argument! Thanks to you, all the half ruined computers that I have equipped with your ingenious weapon, are now just fine! Computers that would have been otherwise replaced well before their time...

I will keep spreading Spybot S&D as long as I have any strength left in my body :P
You are my heroes :wub:

2006-10-13, 10:17

Thank you very much for your nice post. :wub:
We are glad to have helped you withour Spybot Search and Destroy and that you like our software.

Best regards
Team Spybot