View Full Version : Adelphia.net Blacklisted???

2006-10-14, 04:20
SEE THREAD Aldelphia DL in beta.sbi wrongly flags legit bookmarks :lip:

2006-10-14, 16:19
it is a false positve
so if anyone gets adelphia.net blocked or gets bookmarks flagged it is a false positive.

but if you get an executive file flagged it is a trojan horse.

to avoid more confusion the product will be renamed before it goes into public detection rules.

adelphia.net is not blacklisted

2006-10-15, 02:22
After I downloaded the latest updates(NOT BETA), I ran my Spybot scan and it marked 2 adelphia.net cookies as spyware, even though I had not had those options selected. I removed them and later on tried to go to adelphia.net and was blocked. I then thought Spybot might be at fault so I went to the forum and found the clues that the Hosts file was affected and the restricted sites were affected. I removed the entries and will not immunize again until the next update is avail.

I have been in DP for 38 yrs and do not think the avg home user will have a clue why they can not get their email on adelphia.net This is a such a big problem for millions of users that I expect Spybot to somehow inform these users how to fix the problem for now, and to automatically remove the bad hosts file entries and remove the restricted site entries with the next update.
If this is not done quickly, major internet news agencies or worse still, TV, could put out some bad PR for spybot and cause tons of users to uninstall the product.( MY WIFE'S FIRST REACTION WAS TO DELETE IT AT WORK!!)

This situation needs to be addressed by whom ever manages or owns spybot and the battle plan should not be left to just techies or support.