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2006-10-18, 04:43
This Windows Program Is Going To Require You Uninstall All Other Virus, Malware And Spyware Detection Programs Also.

It's Getting Nast- On The Internet!

2006-10-19, 05:22
No, like all antivirus you can not have two real-time antivirus operating together. Since there's virtually no way to truly disable such suites, only one complete suite (AV/AS/Firewall) can be installed at one time. This isn't nasty, it's common sense.

However, you can have some other antispyware and even antimalware installed as long as you don't operate the real-time components of that application. In some cases it might even be possible to use the real-time components, but it wouldn't be recommended since even if there aren't conflicts, the multiple detections and notifications that are likely to result would be confusing.

Since I am a moderator on the Windows Live OneCare forums and also an Advisor Group member here, I'm fully aware of the realities and confusion surrounding such situations. I have personally recommended only one active antivirus/antispyware for over a year, well before I ever became involved in testing OneCare earlier this year and then a moderator in June.

Misunderstanding like yours is exactly the reason that even the freeware products have stopped recommending many products be combined, since new real-time abilities have created conflicts and the average person can't understand the potential interactions between them. Even someone with programming background like myself can find these relationships confusing and not worth the effort.

As long as you avoid enabling multiple real-time components though, you can use additional scanners like Spybot S&D with suites like OneCare. Just be prepared for occasional false positives that may occur when one product mis-identifies components of the other as malware, since this is a normal side effect of such combinations.

As always, you're free to use which ever [combination of] products you prefer. Just realize that you then take responsibility for the potential interactions between these products, since no organization can guarantee they won't happen, and would in fact be fools if they did.

Bitman (OneCareBear at WLOC forums)

2006-10-19, 05:58
Not to interrupt,but I just got Windows Live OneCare a few days ago,I think it took a while to get it in Canada.Pretty nice.
Now,if I have any questions about it I'll come bug the snot out of you.(kidding) :D:
Congratulations,you make a good moderator and advisor,I am sure. :bigthumb: :)

Death Eternal
2006-10-20, 02:40
Excuuuuuse me, but...
Can we see some techical proofs of all this bs that is flying around here?
I currently have multiple anti-virus and anti-spyware programs installed and running LIVE AND IN REAL TIME (ahem, harumph, and humbug to you, too...)
Keep your toolbars and other helpful stuff that I don't want installed on my pc, to yourself, bub...
Tell MS Bob that his days are numbered...
Welcome to the Internet, enjoy the last 5 minutes of the show (if we don't all start taking our work efforts seriously and keep trying harder to do a good job, and take some pride in that, instead of trying harder to find more time to be lazy in, to reap personal (junkie-style) physical satisfaction in, etc...
Quit worshipping the freaking moolah, you're not the only person on the planet...
Of course, you can be...

2006-10-20, 03:54

Death Eternal
2006-10-20, 04:35
Thank you!

I was misunderstanding that we were talking about multiple versions of anti-spyware.

I'm currently running only one anti-virus.
AVG Anti-Spyware (formerly ewido)
Spyware Blaster
Spyware Guard
Spybot S&D (& TeaTimer)
(Ad-Aware & Hijack This! for cleaning.)
I'm probably infected with some low-grade stuff, but my pc seems to be running ok.
I've tried to tighten my security settings, as much as our current OS's allow.
(Why CAN'T i use the adjective "crappy" in that sentence?)

Anyway, thanks again. You guys are the greatest!
Up the revolution!
Free to be me!
Back at you!

2006-10-20, 06:46
Actually, the single best thing you could do for your PC safety at this moment is replace Internet Explorer 6 with IE 7. Doesn't matter if you normally use the browser or not, since there's no way to effectively remove it from the OS and it has been exploited directly in some cases.

The improvements in the new browser will increase your overall PC protection from many known and even unknown exploits due to the tightening of the base security profile and even more so with anti-hijacking and other protections if you do use it regularly.

It won't remove the need for good protection programs like Spybot S&D, but it will make that job easier. See AplusWebMaster's post in the MS Alerts thread for more.