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2005-12-01, 05:35
This is actually from a diferent virus remover its called Ad aware SE, Just to let u know I have Spybot S&D and im luvin it. OKay this is what i need help on, I scanned ad aware onces it finish it finds this virus called "Malware.PsGuard" so i removed that virus and coz i like double checkine i scanned it again and also found that virus again, I tried searching the net of what does that virus do but culdnt and also i culdnt find any site that can remove it either. Oh yea my spybot S&D culdnt find this virus/ malware.....:confused: yea thats bout it i need help

2005-12-04, 13:24
Hello soulshine.
Another member posted advice in your topic, now removed but you were thus overlooked.

If you still request assistance please do the following.

Go here and follow instructions.
Before you post a log (http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=288[/url)

Then post the log here in your thread. :)

2005-12-07, 15:59
Due to lack of a response this topic will be archived.
If you need the topic reopened please pm me.