View Full Version : HijackThis help here ?

2005-10-26, 09:05
If I come across someone on the various forums I visit who has Spybot &
has an "infection", such as SpySheriff which probably requires the use of
HijackThis, can you help ?

2005-10-26, 21:20
I think they have not yet got round to thinking of this.

Perhaps in the mean time you should direct to one of these forums :-

My own site is on that list on the left hand side - most of them will be able to assist with HJT fixes.

You could also try www.castlecops.com which is not on that list.

2005-10-27, 01:58
We are considering how to proceed with such situations.

Fortunately there are many sites that offer HJT forums to provide assistance in removing malware.

This site is new, please be patient while we tweak. ;)